Our background is carpet tiles. We understand that original and functional designs are necessary for common areas and commercial spaces. We also know that designers and architects are constantly looking for NEW designs and NEW textures and that’s what ruutu brings in carpet tiles and planks.

Browse our latest Carpet Design Guide and explore the entire collection of carpet tiles including our extensive selection of competitive designs.

At ruutu, it is our utmost consideration to care for the world around us and the people who live in it. Choose from several collections with a variety of sustainable properties and designs, download our eco-guide here.

DG001 (Medium)

New Embrace

New Embrace is a selection of carpet tile designs to create signage on your floorplan, to give visible through flow and distancing measures. These can be inserted into existing spaces or laid as a new floor with a complimentary design.

Please Keep Your Distance_by ruutu

Social Embrace

Social Embrace is a collection of printed mats specifically designed to create clear signage and messaging for social distancing and encouraging healthy environments.

Cloud Space_header image

Cloud Space

Cloud Space collection delivers an organic appearance with subtle cloudy variation in colour and texture. We have carefully selected neutral colourways to match today’s trend of homely aesthetics in commercial spaces.

Threaded Feel_header image

Threaded Feel

Threaded Feel has an artisanal design and threaded tweed texture in neutral colorways. This practical pattern coordinates alongside Cloud Space and Linear Reflections.

Linear Reflections_header image

Linear Reflections

Linear Reflections has an organic linear design in neutral coordinating colourways with a subtle texture. This practical pattern coordinates alongside Cloud Space and Threaded Feel.

Nature Shadows_header image

Nature Shadows

Nature Shadows design is inspired by natural formations that creates a tranquil, comfortable feel to a space. The collection offers a wide range of neutral, pastel and bright colourways.

Nature Shadows_NS307 (low rez)

Nature Silhouettes

Nature Silhouettes is inspired by scenes and environments created by silhouettes on colourways nature creates to bring this beautiful and functional colour palette together.

Luonto_Weathered_header image


Luonto is a textured loop pile with a design that portrays a natural expression bringing an atmosphere of purity and nature to your floor. We looked at natural elements such as that of weathered barks, lichen and waterscapes to bring this beautiful colour palette together. A heavy contract tile manufactured using 810grams per m2 of a solution dyed nylon.

Urban Dimensions_header image

Urban Dimensions

Urban Dimensions has a subtle linear pattern and structure giving you a modern design that coordinates with surrounding aesthetics. Produced with 100% regenerated ECONYL yarn which is 100% recycled giving environmental benefits to your space.

Flagstone Walk_header image

Flagstone Walk

Flagstone Walk is a stylish block design which features a subtle linear pattern in modern colourways to coordinate with surrounding aesthetics. Produced using 100% Regenerated Econyl yarn which is 100% recycled giving environmental benefits to your space. This practical pattern coordinates alongside Urban Dimensions.

Shape Perspectives_header image

Shape Perspectives

A heavy contract loop pile tile produced in a modern geometric design. Available in three grey tones and two geometric designs gives you the freedom to be creative with shape and colour in a bold or subtle style.

Geometric_hexx_header image

Geometric Hexx

This collection of unique hexagonal carpet tiles are available in colourways that look monochrome from afar whilst giving that geometric impact and purity of shape and detail when within close range.



An amazing collection of 7 designs in a textile designer plank. PLANKX gives you unique designs inspired from surrounding aesthetics including textiles, concretes and industrial scenes.

Woven Touch_header image

Woven Touch

Woven Touch is a 550g Scandinavian flat weave design. This gives an honest expression with its enduring texture and is available in a wide selection of carefully chosen colourways.

Twist Shimmer_header image

Twist Shimmer

Twist Shimmer has luxurious feel with its twisted cut pile yarn bringing comfort to any space. We have carefully selected contemporary colourways to work alongside other vogue aesthetics in today’s commercial spaces

Metro_header image


Metro is heavy loop pile carpet tile manufactured using 950grams per m2 of a solution dyed nylon. Offering that extra comfort under foot along with many possibilities for choice and design with its varied palette of neutral colourways.

Metsa_Snowmelt_header image


Metsä is manufactured using 600grams per m2 of a solution dyed nylon. A heavy wear tile availible in a range of colourways including some playful bright tones ideal for commercial workplaces and education environments.

VilleÑ_header image


Villeä is a cost effective, heavy contract low level loop carpet tile that is suitable for a wide range of locations such as commercial workplaces, institutions and education environments. Manufactured using 550grams per m2 of a solution dyed nylon.

Rekka_header image


Rekka is a cost effective low level loop carpet tile that is suitable for general office and light commercial areas. Manufactured using 400grams per m2 of an anti-static, easy clean polypropylene.