Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Us

To those specifying or buying commercial flooring, ruutu’s focus is on quality, design and consistent value. From our mills we bring a bespoke range of floor coverings directly to you; this is because we recognise the need for a solution when seeking a utilitarian finish, unique in both texture, design and shape.

While we endeavour to make the process of specifying contemporary and elegant flooring transparent and simple, our focus still finishes with the product. We articulate our offering by giving you style to work and live on.

It’s the finer details that really help to tell the Ruutu story. Whether it’s colour, texture, design or feel we design and produce our products from the ground up to incorporate people, process and design details – ensuring our product is shown in the best light possible – beautify designed environments, crafted with care.

We strongly believe in the impact that great design and craft has on the workplace. Your day-to-day experiences - both personal and professional - can become extraordinary when you surround yourself with iconic design as beautiful as it is functional. Ruutu flooring offers the opportunity to strike the perfect balance between form and function.

At Ruutu, it is our utmost consideration to care for the world around us and the people who live in it, therefore, it is within our interest to make your carpet choice an action that you and your customers’ eco-friendly intentions can be achieved to the foremost. Choose from several collections with a variety of sustainable properties and designs.